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5 Tips for Finding Your Next Home

The Colley Team Real Estate

Buying a home is a huge financial and emotional decision. There are no “take-backs” when it comes to real estate. Before you lay down the money and sign your name to paper, you’ll want to make sure the home you chose is the right one. And to help you in that search, I want to offer five basic tips that I find really useful in the real estate field. Here they are:

1. Know Thyself. See Thy Home.

Picture the next home you want to buy. Chances are you have a pretty clear picture of the house you want to live in. Before you start your real estate search, think about what you want in a home. Understand your lifestyle and find a home that complements it. Are you someone who likes to go hiking or skiing outdoors – then make sure you find a home that puts you near those activities. Make sure you find a home that can house your outdoor equipment.

The points go on and on, but if you want to make your home search easier, make sure you know what you want from a house first.

2. Favorite Homes You Like

There are hundreds upon hundreds of homes for sale in Northern Colorado. Keeping track of which ones you like can be difficult. One home may have this “feature,” but another home might have a different “feature” you want. Manage your home search by setting up an account on our website and favorite the homes you like.

By favorite-ing homes, our website can identify common patterns in the properties you like. It can then recommend other homes that might suit you. If you want to take a more manual approach, you can even review your favorites in your account and see what common traits you really like/need.

3. Learn What You Can Afford

Having your financial ducks in a row is key to being happy in your next home. The last thing you want is to be stressed making monthly mortgage payments. Read our helpful guide on how much you can afford, and see where you’re comfortable at.

See How Much You Can Afford to Buy

4. Look to the Future

Buying a house isn’t a one-year journey. It’s the place where you’ll live for the next several years. So, make sure the home you buy will fit to your future goals. For example: do you plan on building a family? Or are the kids moving out? Consider what the future holds for you and make sure the home fits the need.

5. Get Opinions, but Trust Yourself

When you’re not sure if this home is the right one for you, don’t be afraid to ask for an opinion. Real estate agents can offer you insights while family and friends can share their impressions. Sometimes it helps to get a “fresh pair of eyes” on the subject, as extra people will spot potential things you missed. However, keep in mind that you are only receiving opinions. They aren’t the people who will live there. You will. So, make sure you love the house (i.e. remain true to yourself).

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