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A Home Buyer’s Success Story

Megan and Brock recently bought a house in Loveland and told us how much they’re enjoying their new home. We asked them if we could share their story, so you could get a first-hand perspective of the home buying process. Here is a brief collection of their thoughts and experience:

Loveland CO Home buyers

Why did you decide to buy a new house?

For years, we lived in the Denver Metro area. We did the usual commute back and forth to work. We loved the electric atmosphere of the city, but as time went on, our goals changed. We had new financial responsibilities with our family and we were just looking for something quieter now. Loveland seemed like a good place to call home (without having to move too far away from the city), and the homes matched our needs.

How did you settle on Loveland, CO?

We knew we wanted to stay in Colorado for sure. The natural surroundings, healthy lifestyle, and myriad outdoor activities were all pluses we couldn’t give up. With Loveland, we felt it was closer knit and was overall better for our family. Essentially, Loveland met all the criteria we were looking for and offered more.

In our opinion, we think it was the town’s “playground” lifestyle that really caught our attention.  All the outdoor activities are here. Kids are out playing recreational sports together. And there are lots of great restaurants to fill the stomach after a hard workout.

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Did the homes match your price range in Loveland, CO?

Loveland’s real estate generally matched our price point. Of course, there were some homes we wished we could afford, but we settled on a nice 3 bedroom/2 bath house in Enchantment Ridge. The price was affordable while still providing all the amenities we had in Denver, so it wasn’t a big move from house to house. It was more of the city-to-city move that we needed to adjust to.

In our search, we found plenty of homes that matched our needs just below $300,000. With some negotiating, we got the price down a little bit further.

Why did you choose to work with the Remax Alliance Team?

Since we lived in Denver at the time, we didn’t know any real estate agents in the area. We had to do a little bit of research before we settled on Remax Alliance. He initially caught our attention with his positive reviews from Zillow. After meeting with Greg, he convinced us he was the man to side with – and that’s because I don’t think there’s anyone more knowledgeable on Loveland’s real estate market than him. He had everything prepped and ready to go from the start and offered simple solutions for our situation.

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Do you have any final thoughts you want to share?

If there was anything I’d recommend to other buyers it would be: Don’t be afraid. When you find a home you like, don’t just offer to pay the asking price (unless your agent suggests so). Be willing to negotiate. The worst anyone can say is no. Nine times out of ten, the homeowner will counter and you can sweeten the deal a little bit (for you).  Also, trust your agent. They will know the market and the motivations for the homeowner selling. Use his advice, but stay true to what you want.

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