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A Home Seller Success Story

Jason and Malory recently sold their house in Loveland, CO and decided to make the move over to California. We asked them if we could share their “home selling” story and show other homeowners what kind of things you can do to become your own success story with the Remax Alliance Team. Below, you’ll find a brief interview about their experience and what they learned from selling their house in the Loveland area:

Selling Your House Colley Team

Jason and Malory’s Success Story

What convinced you to sell your house in Loveland, CO?

We received a job offer in the Bay Area and needed to make the move quickly. At the time, the market wasn’t doing so hot and we needed a real estate agent that could help us in our unique situation. We honestly didn’t have much time to think about selling our house. We had to jump on the ball and get things rolling as fast as we could, so we would have the finances to make our new home purchase in California (where cost of living is much higher).

Why did you choose Remax Alliance to sell your house?

For us, the first thing we did was research into local real estate agents. When we came across the Remax Alliance Team, we noticed all his positive reviews on websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Google. From there, we decided to contact him and schedule an appointment. He sold us not from his promises, but from the resources he gave us. He doesn’t just tell you about the home selling process. He gives you the knowledge and lets you become a “miniature” expert. The amount of information he provides and the additional services he offers is unrivaled in the Loveland area, which is why we chose him. In addition, he understood our need to sell quickly and designed a selling strategy for it. It wasn’t just the usual run of the mill plan. He listened to our situation and highlighted how he would meet our goals.

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How would you describe your experience selling your house in Loveland, CO?

The selling process was a little chaotic for us, since we trying to balance buying a house at the same time. We were moving to an area that neither of us knew about, so we had to manage both selling our house and learning about the new area we were moving to. The best advice we can give is to aim for one goal at a time. After voicing some of our concerns, our real estate agent made a simple checklist for us, and got us on the right tract to selling effectively. Without the little (but detailed) resources the Remax Alliance Team gave us, we would have never made it.

Would you do anything differently if you had a second chance?

We would have handled one task at a time (i.e. sell our house first, then buy our new home). Buying and selling at the same time was rough and we wish we had done more research before we hit that “critical” time point. However, with the help of our agent we got on task and started to catch up with the “to-do’s” in no time.

What advice would you give future homeowners who want to sell their house?

Not to sound obvious or anything, but find a good real estate agent. Do the research and see how the agent can help you. Don’t just pick the first one that pops up in Google. Get some local advice and then do a little more research to get a perspective. The more you know, the better you can make stronger decisions.

Learn More About Selling Your House

If you’d like more information about the home selling process or would like to learn more about Jason and Malory’s story, you can contact us. Also, you can download our Listing Presentation to see how we can help you sell your house in the Loveland, CO area.

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