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Berthoud, CO Real Estate

Welcome to Berthoud, CO

Berthoud is a small community, centrally located in the heart of Colorado. Known as Colorado’s “Garden Spot”, Berthoud, is surrounded by areas that are consistently ranked among the highest living quality in the nation.

It is a progressive community that successfully bridges tradition and the needs of future generation in a dynamic Colorado Front Range. Majestic views of the Rocky Mountains, beautiful parks, and welcoming environment make Berthoud a great place to visit and live.

The Lifestyle: Tradition Supporting the Future

Living in Berthoud is like living in many small communities. Family values are a huge priority that the community and its leaders work to protect every day. The difference between Berthoud and small towns in other parts of the nation is their commitment to keep moving forward. They value tradition without letting it mar their future, making this a unique community that can be enjoyed by traditional and nontraditional families alike.

The outdoors and the preservation of community areas are very important here, because an overwhelming majority of residents participate in outdoor activities. This is a great place for active people who want to live in a town that values nature and their town to the same degree. Berthoud, is a laid back community poised at any moment to make National Top Ten Lists.

Berthoud, CO Real Estate

Berthoud’s real estate market is a mix of older Victorian style homes and newer development homes. The older homes range from project homes to slightly more expensive renovated homes.

There are many for sale in the Victorian style that are almost fully updated and just waiting for the right person or family to move in. Home price points throughout Berthoud, on average, vary from the lower 100k to a modest 400k.

This means no matter what type or era of home you and your family are looking to own, Berthoud home values are steadily increasing across the board and nearly any property investment is a sound one.

Featured Neighborhoods in Berthoud, CO

You’ll Enjoy:

Historic Downtown District

Downtown Berthoud is a quaint section of the town, known for its shopping, antiques and regional dining options. The shops line both sides of the street and are immersed in history and the promotion of tourism.

The Berthoud Parks System

With ten parks that make up the parks system in Berthoud, there’s virtually no excuse not to get out and experience what the outdoors has to offer.

Some notable parks in the area include:

  • Fickel Park – Considered the “centerpiece of Berthoud” to some, Fickel Park boasts a sculpture park with works from several local artists as well as newly refurbished tennis courts.

  • Collins Park – The newest addition to the parks system, Collins Park features acres of lush, sprawling lawns that are perfect for everything from a neighborhood game of football to a relaxing family picnic. Acquired in September of 2007, the park was also retrofitted with a new playground.

  • Town Park – Touted as the perfect spot for family events and get-togethers, Town Park has a little bit of something for everyone. The park has pavilions that you can rent out for a $25 fee, playgrounds for children of all ages, as well as tennis and basketball courts. Town Park is also located near Berthoud Pool for added convenience.

World Renown Skiing

Berthoud is less than ten miles from Loveland Ski Area, where you can hit the slopes with pros and hobby skiers alike. Colorado is known for it’s skiing and the Rocky Mountains variety dominates much of a ski enthusiast’s itinerary. You will find many avid skiers among the locals and there is no better place to learn than these Olympic quality slopes.

Distinguished Schools in Berthoud, CO

Just to the north of Berthoud is Ft. Collins where one of the country’s best universities, Colorado State University, makes its home. Not only this, but Berthoud is serviced by the high-ranked Thompson School District.

Perfect For: Active Families and Arts Enthusiasts

Because Berthoud is known as the Garden Spot, residents are able to enjoy not only the natural aspects of the area, but thanks to a small yet prolific arts community, Berthoud also plays host to a collection of performances throughout the year.

Wikimedia Commons

Institutions such as the Berthoud Dance Company, The Wildfire Theater Company and the Berthoud Arts and Humanities Alliance and the Wildfire Community Arts Center all help to keep the spirit of the arts alive and well in the area.

Berthoud, CO Utilities

Much of the sewer and water systems in the Berthoud area are managed by owner and comprise both well-water and septic installations.

The Workforce: Blue Collar Roots With a Touch of Tech

Because the most common industries in the Berthoud area are manufacturing (16%) and construction (15%), a respectable portion of the town’s population roots itself in blue collar values and strong work ethic. There’s also a healthy, budding sciences and technology sector in the area due to its proximity to both Fort Collins, CO and Denver. Each city is no more than a 45-minute drive to from Berthoud.

According to City The most common occupations in the Berthoud area include:

  • Computer specialists (7%)
  • Other management occupations except farmers and farm managers (6%)
  • Other sales and related workers including supervisors (5%)
  • Carpenters (5%)
  • Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations (5%)
  • Material recording, scheduling, dispatching, and distributing workers (4%)
  • Engineers (4%)

Why Live Here: Beautiful Areas and Sound Community

Looking for a place to raise a family that is steeped in tradition, but not held back by it? Look no further. Berthoud, CO is a scenic town located on the Front Range of Colorado. A small, but forward thinking community that values nature and outdoor activity.

Live here because you share hard working, innovative, All-American points of view. Live here because you have a family or want to have one and are looking for a beautiful countryside to raise them in.

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