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Greeley, CO Real Estate

Welcome to Greeley, CO

The peaceful seat of Weld county Colorado is Greeley, housing a pleasant population just below 93,000 people. With its warm, dry climate and proximity to the Rocky Mountains, outdoor lovers will find the town offers numerous opportunities for recreation.

Greeley is part of the Front Range Urban Corridor of Colorado, offering residents the unique opportunity to enjoy the comforts of urban living within a short distance from this majestic mountain range. Education of all levels is important in Greeley, home to quality schools for children and adults. If you are looking for a safe place with many opportunities to offer your children, you have come to the right place.

The Lifestyle: Family Oriented with Many Opportunities for Fun and Learning

Greeley offers many opportunities for children and families to interact and play. With a large recreation center providing indoor and outdoor facilities, a thriving farmer’s market, museums, parks, and festivals, families will never find a shortage of activities for themselves and their little ones. Adults without children also have plenty of opportunities for social interaction.

The relatively warm and dry climate is particularly inviting when it comes to outdoor play; there is no shortage of activities to engage in, including the 20 mile long Poudre River Trail which begins in the towns’ very own Island Grove Regional Park.

Greeley, Colorado’s Real Estate Market

While the range of real estate options in Greeley is varied, you will find the largest selection of homes to be affordable single and two story single family dwellings. Condominiums as well as more luxurious housing is also available, as are lots ready for your newly built custom home. The relatively small size of the town allows easy access to urban amenities in all sections of the city.

Featured Neighborhoods in Greeley, CO

You’ll Enjoy: Nearby Outdoor Activities and Cultural Richness

Greeley is close to a number of outdoor resorts for skiing and snowboarding as well as summer activities. Within the city itself you’ll be able enjoy numerous museums and explore the arts in both public and gallery type settings.

Distinguished Schools in Greeley, CO

A number of colleges and Universities also call Greeley home, including:

Perfect For: Families and Adults Seeking Outdoor Adventures and Social Opportunities

With its numerous annual festivals, museums, public recreational facilities, and diverse downtown district, Greeley is perfect for families and adults seeking cultural and social exposure. For those of you who also enjoy the outdoors, Greeley’s location near the foot of the Rockies makes it an ideal location for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, and more.

Greeley, CO Utilities

The Workforce: Animal Protein Processing and Healthcare

Greeley’s largest employer, JBS Swift and Company, is the world’s largest processor of animal protein products including meat, leather, pet products and biodiesel. They currently employee 4500 people in Greeley.

Healthcare is the second largest industry, with North Colorado Medical Center, a full service non-profit hospital, being the single largest healthcare employer of 3000 people. Additional employment exists with other healthcare providers in smaller numbers.

Dave Clark,

Renewable energy plays a role in Greeley industry in the form of wind turbine manufacturing at Vestas, employing 1600 people.

The fourth largest Greeley employer is State Farm Insurance, with nearly 1500 current employees.

Why Live in Greeley, CO: Great Opportunities for Family Play, Great Weather and Affordable Housing

Greeley has some of the most affordable housing in the Northern Colorado area. With its pleasant sunny weather and close proximity to the majestic Rocky Mountains, outdoor enthusiasts will be able to hike, bike, climb, ski, and more, all to their hearts content. If you have a family and are looking for social and cultural opportunities for your children, you can enjoy the numerous festivals, art shows, museums, music events, and more.

Whether you have children or not, the town of Greeley offers new residents great opportunities to make their dreams become reality. Check out the town and start enjoying the amenities!

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