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Laporte, CO Real Estate

Welcome to LaPorte, Colorado

LaPorte means ‘the door’ in French. In Colorado’s early days, French explorers thought it was the perfect name for this gateway between the Rockies to the northwest and the plains to the southeast.

The community is still around and has avoided much of the population booms that hit other Colorado cities – which is perfect for the 2,600 residents who appreciate all this peace and quiet. Today, LaPorte is the perfect size for a nice small, welcoming and downright neighborly community.

The Lifestyle: Nicely remote

LaPorte is right on the Cache La Poudre River, where early settlers and trappers were said to stash weapons and other gear before heading into the mountains. The area also was part of the Overland Trail, an alternate route to Oregon and California. Today, the Cache La Poudre North Park Scenic and Historic Byway is an excellent starting place for outdoor fans wanting to hike, bike and more. It’s not far from Fort Collins for commuters but great for those seeking solitude.

LaPorte, Colorado’s Real Estate Market

Many of the homes here were designed to accent the views of the countryside and boundless horizons – including lots of windows. Beyond that, homes come in many shapes and sizes, from traditional 2- or 3-bedroom single family homes to duplexes to larger ranch-style spreads.

Since LaPorte is more remote than some other Colorado communities, it has resisted the giant price spikes that hit other cities, so you’ll find several decent, affordable starter properties. Some homes are part of developments, others are by themselves higher up in the hills.

You’ll enjoy: The Budding, Local Wine Culture

Colorado has a legacy of beermaking, but wine has proven trickier. Because of the normally harsh winters and high altitudes, it’s not the best growing conditions for grapes. But Ten Bears Winery has been trying to make a go of it since 2007.

The winery has been experimenting with different grape types to find the heartiest and tastiest. Though an unusually warm spring ruined the 2012 harvest, Ten Bears has made quite a few other successful varietals.

The scenic location has even become a popular spot for LaPorte residents – it has a tasting room, is available for weddings and other special events, and even has tasting parties. The wine is also sold at retailers and restaurants through the region.

Distinguished Schools in LaPorte

  • Cache LaPoudre Elementary, 3515 W. County Road G
  • Cache LaPoudre Middle School, 3515 W. County Road G

The elementary and middle school have received a 6 and a 5 review, respectively, from High school students attend either Cache LaPoudre High School, Rocky Mountain High School or Fort Collins High School, all in Fort Collins.

Higher education opportunities in Fort Collins include Colorado State University and Front Range Community College’s Larimer campus.

You’ll enjoy: Fun on the River

The Cache la Poudre River is more than a beautiful waterway. It’s also one of 49 U.S. National Heritage Areas, which gives the corridor special protection, and affords users plenty of access for recreational activities, including fishing, kayaking, and rafting.

 David Kingham.

There are also plenty of hiking trails around, which makes it great for everyone from hardcore adventure fans to people who may enjoy the occasional nature walk.

LaPorte, CO Utilities

Since LaPorte is a census-designated place, not a city, major services are provided by nearby Fort Collins.

Fort Collins Utilities

East Larimer Water District


The Workforce: Commercial and Residential Construction

According to, the most common occupation between 2007 and 2011 was construction. Interestingly, it was more than double the state’s percentage (34.7 percent to 13.8 percent).

This was followed by manufacturing, 9.9 to 9.7, and accommodations/food service, 9 to 6.8. In surrounding Larimer County, which includes Fort Collins, construction is still high but also includes education, health services, and food services.

Why Live Here: Perfect Place to Begin

LaPorte has been described as tiny, but it could also be seen as a tiny piece of heaven for people living here. The community is only 6 square miles wide but can be a wonderful alternative to those wanting to avoid the density of living in Fort Collins.

However, it’s still close enough to town that it’s easy to head there for entertainment, work or to catch up on your shopping. For people wanting to get started with their own homes and careers, have easy access to stellar recreational opportunities and plenty of space, this is the place.

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