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Livermore, CO Real Estate

Welcome to Livermore, CO

Imagine the tranquility of a vacation home in the Rocky Mountains. Now, imagine living there as often as you like – year-round! The small community of Livermore, part of the Red Feather Lakes area north of Fort Collins, is the prime place to find a lovely home that has a view, tasteful neighbors, lots of space, and that offers a life worth living.

The Lifestyle: Peace and Quiet in the Unspoiled Foothills

Livermore is the sort of place that swells in the summer, with many visitors maintaining part-time homes in the area, but it’s still one of Colorado’s best-kept secrets. The best of the Rocky Mountains and the plains come together here, with destinations like Roosevelt National Forest and Cache la Poudre river. (In fact, Colorado has the most parks per capita, large and small!)

It’s not close to the city, and there’s no nightlife – and you’ll definitely need at least one reliable vehicle – but if getting away from the craziness of city life or the sameness of suburbia is what you’re looking for, then Livermore is a realistic way to get the best of all possible worlds.

Livermore, CO’s Real Estate Market

Livermore’s value and beauty does not go unappreciated in the cost of land and homes there, but the investment is well worth it. There’s a home in Livermore for anyone, and while residents have a high stability rate, prospective home buyers in the area still have a variety of ideal homes to choose from.

The broader area of Red Feather Lakes has only a very small handful of sparse developments, rarely numbering over 100 lots, helping to preserve the beauty and wildness of the Rocky Mountain foothills. Lots and homes in these areas tend to vary in acreage, but homes are generally medium to large single-family homes with a fair amount of land. Most homes in Livermore are spread out and not within named communities, offering great flexibility and the potential for exceptional value.

You’ll Enjoy: Every Day Like It’s A Vacation

Livermore is a loved vacation destination for many reasons! Enjoy these mountain attractions when you live in Livermore.

Distinguished Schools in Livermore, CO

The Poudre School District serves the northern Fort Collins area. Schools are generally a vehicle commute, with some bus service, but parental involvement at schools is both commonplace and rewarding. Forward-thinking, high-level education programs are popular in this successful region of the state.

Perfect For: Finding Neighbors With Good Values

This quiet, stable community is one of the best ways to score a home that you can stay in for the rest of your life. Like many other popular summer destinations and semi-rural towns, Livermore is popular with seniors; in fact, over a third of residents are 65 and older. It’s also a great place for families, though, with low traffic, low crime, and excellent schools in the regional district.


Residents of Livermore typically make upper-middle-class incomes, and are generally highly educated. Around a third of adults have a bachelor’s or higher degree, which is much higher than national averages.

Livermore, CO Utilities

Water and sewer systems in Livermore are most commonly owner-managed well and septic installations.

The Workforce: Independent, Motivated, and Educated

Livermore, for a small community, has a population of successfully employed and self-employed adults. The well-educated people who inhabit this orbit of Fort Collins are a blend of blue-collar and white-collar workers, with many active in oil and gas and construction trades across northern Colorado; most, however, are employed in engineering, IT, management, and other business fields. Over 15% of adults in the Red Feather Lakes area work from home, either operating their own businesses or as telecommuters, which is drastically higher than in most cities.

Top employers near Livermore include:

Why Live Here: It’s Okay to Get Away From It All

Why stop at a mile high, when you can get another half-mile higher? Moving to Livermore puts you close enough to the necessities of the city, while guaranteeing you the freedom of the foothills. Come stake your claim and start a stress-free life today!

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