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Longmont, CO Real Estate

Welcome to Longmont, CO

This gem in the Rocky Mountains has been chosen twice as one of the best cities to live in the U.S. Once you learn more about this unique community it’s easy to figure out why: Longmont offers no shortage of beautiful scenery, warm people, and easy access to the country’s finest year-round recreation. At around 80,000 residents, Longmont appeals to those wanting to escape the crowds of Denver and Boulder but still be close to big-city services.

The Lifestyle: Highly educated, plugged-in nature fans

Longmont is considered an especially diverse community, where many cultures come together. This shows up in everything from excellent ethnic restaurants to employers with global workforces. According to the Software and Industry Association, the Boulder/Longmont area has the largest concentration of software-related jobs in the nation.

Residents also receive access to a high-speed fiberoptic computer network. Many residents are highly educated, but it doesn’t take an advanced degree to appreciate the stunning scenery and the town’s commitment to open space.

Longmont, Colorado’s real estate market: Lower prices mean more options

Prices dropped in the last year, which means there’s easier access to wider varieties of home styles. Longmont treasures its neighborhoods: there are 60 neighborhood groups, including homeowner’s associations and golf course communities. A well-known neighborhood is Gooding/Pleasant View Ridge, which according to, consists of medium-sized single-family dwellings and small apartments. Just over half the homes here were built between 1990 and 2000, and 40 percent were dated 2000 or later.

Featured neighborhoods in Longmont:

  • Gooding/Pleasant View Ridge
  • Prospect

You’ll enjoy: Checking out the area’s art scene

Along with talented local artists and an impressive Performing Arts Center, Longmont is proud of its commitment to public art. A percentage of new construction fees goes toward new art installations. Over the last 20 years, 50 impressive pieces have been installed, which can be seen on free self-guided tours. This community takes pride in its heritage.

It even banded together to raise money and generate interest to preserve its oldest church. Other historically significant structures are fun to visit, some dating back to when “The Chicago-Colorado Colony” of settlers left Illinois and bought 60,000 acres – which was outgrown by the 1940s. Along with appreciating its past, Longmont residents love to party – the city even provides funds for block parties.

Distinguished Schools in Longmont, CO:

Longmont colleges include Boulder County Campus of Front Range Community College, Longs Peak Academy and IBMC College. The University of Colorado Boulder is nearby.

Perfect for: Fans of new neighborhood concepts

Longmont is home to an exciting experiment in modern living: Prospect, the state’s first Urbanist community, was designed to be the opposite of traditional suburbs. Homes have oversized front yards, streets are narrow and there’s plenty of parks and green space.


Services are within walking or cycling distance, including stores, a community center and office space. The community enjoys regular bike races, Halloween parties and concerts. The neighborhood maxes out at just over 500 lots, so it’s great for those who want to be part of a progressive new community.

Longmont, CO Utilities

  • Longmont Power and Communications
  • Solar Electric Systems
  • City of Longmont Water Utilities

The Workforce: White collar, blue collar jobs in demand

As of 2011, Boulder County had a 7.7 percent unemployment rate in late 2013, 2 percent less than Colorado’s. The most popular occupation is Office and Administrative Support, with 377,101 in 2005 and projected to grow to 464,613 by 2015.

This is followed by Sales and Related Occupations, 285,778 and 348,289 respectively, then food preparation and construction. IBM and Oracle are the county’s largest employers, with more than 3,000 employees apiece.

In Longmont, the largest employer is the St. Vrain School District, with about 3,300 employees, followed by Longmont United Hospital, with about 1,200. The labor market includes health care, technical and manufacturing.

Why Live Here: Welcoming atmosphere

Longmont has been welcoming visitors since the 1870s – the first settlers originally planned to keep going, but ended up decided staying put. The city still continues its near-magical methods of getting people to check things out and stick around.

Today, there are plenty of winter activities, and even more to explore when everything warms up. Cycling and hiking are big, along with checking out the dog parks. The high-speed network and diverse, educated workforce also make it an easy place to work.

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