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Red Feather Lakes, CO Real Estate

Welcome to Red Feather Lakes, CO

If you love the outdoors, then Red Feather Lakes is the perfect place to buy a home. With nature’s playground at your fingertips, fresh mountain air, and summer activities like boating, camping, rafting fishing and golf, there is no better place to live for the family that loves the outdoors than Red Feather Lakes.

The Lifestyle: Outdoor Living With Modern Amenities

Living in Red Feather Lakes is like having the entire wonder of the outdoors in your backyard. Every outdoor activity that you can think of will probably be available somewhere in town.

People that live in Red Feather Lakes enjoy their hobbies – including fishing, hunting, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, hiking and much more. The town is small, but the outdoor activities are just a few miles in every direction, and there are miles and miles of forest, including the Roosevelt National Forest, which is 612,000 acres.

Red Feather Lakes, CO Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Red Feather Lakes is incredible, with a huge selection of homes in rural areas, including rustic cabins and lodges, and the prices are lower than many surrounding regions by quite a bit. Anyone looking for a home in Red Feather is sure to find several that they just can’t wait to move into.

Featured Neighborhoods in Red Feather Lakes

You’ll Enjoy Fishing on the Lake

The incredible Cache La Poudre River is nearby and you’ll enjoy fishing, rafting, kayaking and any number of water activities. Cache La Poudre is Colorado’s first wild and scenic river, and Red Feather Lake offers an incredible view and a great place for hanging out with the family.

Distinguished Schools in Red Feather Lakes

You know that feeling you get when your surrounded by all of your friends? That’s the kind of feeling you’ll get when you live in a small town like Red Feather. The town is perfect for anyone who loves the small town life, when neighbors stop and help each other on the road, children are safe to play on the sidewalks and where people know the meaning of peace and quiet.

Alex Chiang,

With many homes for sale that are attached to property and miles from the nearest neighbor, you can get away from it all whenever you go home. Red Feather Lakes is perfect for families that want to breathe crisp, cool mountain air, enjoy a beautiful view of nature, and live in a friendly and safe environment.

Red Feather Lakes, CO Utilities

Century Link | Satellite, Phone & DSL |

Comcast | Cable, Phone & Internet |

Poudre Valley REA | Power, Gas |

Poudre Valley Coop | Power, Gas |

Canyon Utilities | Garbage |

The Workforce: Postal Service Jobs, Financial Sector & Forestry

Red Feather is the city with the largest percentage of men working for the U.S. Postal Service, and has the second largest percentage of females working in financial management. There are also many other jobs that are available, including many that are specific to the area like forestry, logging and fish and game jobs.

With the Roosevelt National Forest so near to Red Feather Lakes, there are many people living in town that work for the forest service or in some fish or game related capacity, and there are usually logging and forestry jobs available as well.

Why Live Here: You’ll be in The Heart of the Colorado Outdoors

If you love the outdoors, and you want to get away from it all, Red Feather Lakes, CO is the perfect town for you. Friendly neighbors, safe streets and that small town atmosphere draws both residents and tourists, and it is easy to fall in love with the majestic views of the mountains, lakes and rivers that surround Red Feather Lakes. With the nearest neighbor miles away, you’ll find the ultimate in privacy and quiet, and you’ll still have Summer and Winter activities just a short drive away.

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