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Wellington, CO Real Estate

Welcome to Wellington, CO

The Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is a sought-after place to live, but there’s much more to Colorado than just Denver and Boulder!

The charming town of Wellington, with its modest population of around 6,500, enjoys a pleasant proximity to the metro areas of Fort Collins and Greeley (as well as Cheyenne to the north) but maintains a relaxed plains lifestyle with plenty of open space, friendly and quiet townspeople, and enviable outdoor recreation.

The Lifestyle: Peace on the Plains

Wellington brings together the best aspects of Colorado living. The rolling plains give way to green foothills to the west, and the mountains are a backdrop that keeps everyone reminded of the majesty of their surroundings. Outdoorsiness is part of the Colorado lifestyle, and you’ll love the parks and outdoor spaces just as much as any native before you know it!

Wellington, CO’s Real Estate Market

Wellington has enjoyed a spurt of development in recent years, and while property values there have been rising slowly for a few years (in line with Colorado averages), homes still remain highly affordable.

Most of the medium-sized single-family homes built here during the 2000s are in the low two hundred thousands, with plenty of established properties for even better prices. The general economic stability of the area is reflected by the fact that most homes are owner-occupied.

You’ll Enjoy: Northern Colorado’s Love for Nature and Partying

Colorado is a notoriously laid-back state, with famously healthy residents. Northern Colorado in particular enjoys a high concentration of the state’s famous breweries, stunning outdoor recreation, and a rich culture of artists and entertainers thanks to the university towns nearby.

Distinguished Schools in Wellington, CO

The Poudre School District serves Wellington and its surrounding areas.

Living in Wellington also keeps you close to two of Colorado’s renowned higher ed centers, Colorado State University (known for its college of veterinary medicine), and the University of Northern Colorado (known for its teaching and music programs).

Perfect For: Families, Farmers, and Anyone Who Loves A View

Like much of the rest of northern Colorado, Wellington is full of relaxed, well-educated people who enjoy successful careers. It has a high number of children, making it a great choice for families, as well as an exceptionally low crime rate.

Per capita and per household incomes in Wellington are higher than state and national averages, but the population is somewhat economically diverse, with some poorer elements. This keeps property prices low, as does the vast abundance of beautiful land.

Jackie Flynt,

Wellington, CO Utilities

The Workforce: A Diverse Mix of Well-Educated Professionals

The working population of Wellington is largely employed in sales, management, consulting, and other business occupations, but much of northern Colorado’s rapid economic development is also due to the rise of small businesses, including breweries, agricultural centers, and more.

Top employers near Wellington include:

Why Live Here: Enjoy Colorado Where It’s Still Genuine

Wellington offers the best of Colorado beauty and fun, unpolluted as of yet by popularity. As W.O. Haberman wrote in his poem about the town in 1917, “And now in conclusion, may we all be as one, and put forth our best efforts, for a greater Wellington!”

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