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Windsor, CO Real Estate

Welcome to Windsor, CO

The beautiful and serene community of Windsor Colorado is located only ten miles southeast of Fort Collins. Home to just under 19,000 people, Windsor continues to attract prospective home owners from across America. If you’re interested in relocating yourself or your family to a wonderful new community, Windsor may be the destination you’ve been looking for.

The Lifestyle: Living in Windsor, CO

Those who enjoy the great outdoors will likely feel right at home in Windsor, CO. 40 miles of hiking trails are found here and the inspiring Windsor Lake offers visitors with a fun place to enjoy the water.

The Eastman Skatepark is another popular spot to visit along with the Chimney Park Outdoor Pool. To further encourage outdoor activities, the city of Windsor recently approved an ambitious bike plan to help improve air quality in the community. Cyclists can easily navigate through Windsor and to the surrounding communities such as Fort Collins or Loveland.

The lifestyle in Windsor is easy going, laid back and always exciting. For those who appreciate nature and being outside, Windsor is a community with plenty of facilities to accommodate your adventurous spirit.

Windsor, Colorado’s Real Estate Market

There are plenty of spacious and luxurious family homes to discover in Windsor. Outstanding landscapes and mountain views surrounding Windsor provide the perfect inspirational backdrop for the various estates on the market today. Many of the townhouses, condos and homes available in Windsor have been built recently which helps to ensure the integrity of your new investment.

Featured Neighborhoods in Windsor

You’ll Enjoy:

Boyd Lake State Park 

From canoeing to hunting, Boyd Lake State Park is among the top attractions in Windsor. Enjoy water sports, volleyball and select a place to pitch a tent for the night at one of the 148 different camp sites found throughout Boyd Lake State Park.

Michele Ukleja,

Visit the marina for maps and complete information about the various activities, trails and amenities provided at Boyd Lake State Park.

Windsor Lake

Boating, fishing, camping, hiking- enjoy the day with your loved ones at Windsor Lake. If you are looking for the perfect setting for your family’s dream getaway, Windsor Lake has it all.

Take in the crisp, fresh Colorado air and spend some much needed quality time the kids or enjoy a romantic weekend with your significant other.

Okole Maluna Hawaiian Grill 

Taste the exotic flavors at Okole Maluna Hawaiian Grill for truly unique and authentic Hawaiian cuisine. This restaurant is perfect for family members of all ages, offering a menu full of delectable lunch and dinner options.

Distinguished Schools in Windsor

Windmill Child Enrichment Center

This preschool in Windsor has an amazing track record of providing children with the tools and developmental support they need to prepare themselves for the challenging future ahead. Windmill Child Enrichment Center strives to create a safe, clean and engaging environment for the children. Curriculum like the Zoophonics Literacy Program will work to broaden the minds of children as social skills and other fundamentals are also improved.

Windsor Charter Academy

For the best in K through 8th grade education, Windsor Charter Academy is certainly a school that aims to exceed parent expectations. Parental involvement in the academic development of their children is always encouraged, a dress code ensures students focus on the classes instead of clothing and high academic standards help to motivate students to excel.

Windsor High School

Windsor High School is an excellent institution that holds true to strong core educational values meant to create confident, responsible and ambitious individuals. Fostering a strong sense of community and empowering students with a pragmatic approach to modern education are two things Windsor High School knows best.

Perfect For: Active Families

Windsor is the perfect place for families of any size to call home. An abundance of outdoor recreational activities give families the chance to bond like never before. Quality schools help keep children focused and prepared. Safety, an inclusive community and creative culture makes Windsor an ideal place to call home.

Windsor, CO Utilities

Town of Windsor Utilities

Town of Windsor Water

The Workforce: Jobs in Windsor

According to a census conducted in 2010, jobs in management, science, arts and business accounted for just under 4,000 of the jobs occupied in Windsor. Nearly 10,000 Windsor citizens were part of the labor force while sales and office jobs accounted for nearly 2,500 jobs.

Why Live Here: Make Windsor Your Home

Windsor, Colorado has everything a family could hope for when moving to a new town. Quality education, healthcare, recreation and a strong sense of community are just a few attributes of Windsor that gives this town such an appealing reputation.

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