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    Today selling a home can seem like an unnatural act to most of us. Most Buyers after watching the Real Estate shows on television, expect the homes that they are going to see to be in near show room condition (even though they don’t keep their own homes in this kind of condition). In fact, preparing a home for sale can be a daunting task while trying to keep your normal day-to-day routines going with the kids, pets and other family members.

    Our White Glove Listing Service was designed to help eliminate some of these frustrating tasks by providing a layer of service partners that are specialized in helping you prepare your home for sale and even repair items that need attention prior to listing. Many of these core services are included in our listing offering at no charge. Our Internet ads alone expose your listing to 60,000 Buyer impressions each month and our print ads feature your listing in the most important Real Estate Publications in our area.

    Download our White Glove brochure today to see how we can help you take your listing to another level.

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